The Taste of Sculpture 조각 작품의 맛 editorial questions

Sytze Steenstra --> editorial questions for the two of you, Nayoung, Gregory:

1               Should this text be illustrated? Is there a photo of the sock dryer in the book? There should be, to help the reader. It is probably a good idea to add to the text a footnote that points to the page where that photo is to be found.
2               Please take care with the list when the text is designed.  I like it to look sort of ‘clean’; every category with its instances on one single line. I know that “Mona Lisa” is not an artist but liked the “Mo…Mo… Mo…” alliteration. Perhaps it is too much, then Mona Lisa could be replaced by Malevich.
3               You may want to add my ‘old’ Warped Flow Gadget text to this new essay. You could just add it to the catalogue, or even add it to this essay as a conclusive, not-quite-superfluous final, very long footnote. Give it some thought.
4               I made up an acronym for you two, TACNG&GM. I was riffing off Prince, and his “TAFKAP” moniker, “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince”. Please feel free to change it if you do not like it. I have never, by the way, been a fan of Prince’s music.
5               I assume the book will contain a regular CV of the two of you, exhibitions, all that. Contact details too.

Dec. 2019

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