Bearded Door, 2008

Medium: Wooden door, acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 240x90x4cm

This work made of the assemblage of tacky paintings of Beard. The work was inspired by youngster´s locker door, which is often decorated with images of horses and suchlike. Analytically written we as so often in our work assembled subjects on one level and themes on a methodological level in parallel. This is a perfect example of our application of Frankensteining methods, roughly written: in this case transplanting things weakly described by useless genres terms: object art (engl.), objet-trouvé, and painting, into an interdependent group.

Exhibition History: Auto Focus, Solo show @ Gallery Shilla in Daegu, 2008
Publications: It’s nice to be nice, try it! , monography, published by Caustic Window in Seoul, 2009

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