전통한방찻집 Traditional Oriental Tea House

July 2017


sydney antiques


April 2019

Witches' Flight, Ca. 1798


Oil on canvas

Three bare-chested characters wearing dunce caps hold a fourth, nude character in the air while another lies on the floor, covering his ears, A sixth figure flees, his head covered with a white cloth. With his hand, he makes the gesture intended to protect him from the evil eye. At the right of the scene, a donkey stands out against the neutral background. This was one of six canvases Goya sold to the Duke and Duchess of Osuna in 1798, as decoration for their country house in La Alameda. They are linked to the etchings from his Caprichos series, in which he presented scenes of witches and witchcraft similar to this one. This painting was acquired by the Prado Museum in 1999 with funds from the Villaescusa legacy.


부평서중학교 Bupyeung Seo middle school

Nov. 2020

streets in Busan


Dec. 2020

Looking for Abdul's dad


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Dec. 2020

Demolition of Monalisa Overdrive

18 Dec. 2020

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

Krombacher, 2020


30x30x235cm, metal, PVC, light, cement, fabric

@ the group show 호로록 찹찹 오물오물 아세안 스트리트푸드 Hororok Chopchop Omulomul ASEAN Street Food, Busan

Dec. 2020