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세상을 바꾸는 드로잉_다섯 개의 방 프로젝트
Takeout Drawing Questionaires

Q1. 당신에게 '세상을 바꾸는 드로잉' 무엇인가요?

 what is the drawing which changes the world. I don´t know but what we know is that a drawing is a simulation and as a simulation it may change the way we perceive certain facts. In order to change the "world", which is the totally of all facts, or a common name for the whole of human civilization, specifically human experience, history, or the human condition in general and the Universe, you have to apply what we learn through it "the simulation" to the world. 

Q  2. '세상을 바꾸는 드로잉_다섯 개의 ' 무엇이 당신을 움직였나요?
 We would like to turn the Zebra music studio room into a more comfortable inspiring, efficient, relaxing, systematic surrounding for the students. We were motivated by the challenging architecture, inclined ceiling and location inside a parking deck is quite eccentric and like a flower in the swamp. The limitation of space, time of realization, means, contradictory usages of the space, unfavorable climatic conditions need creative thinking.

Q3. 하나의 방을 바꾼다는 것은 우리의 일상에(세계에)어떤 영향을 미칠 있을까요?

 The influences on the world are quite remote at best see Question 1.
But you have influence on a focusing point, a micro-society of a few souls, students, musicians and on the way they live and perceive and interact with their surrounding and how it shapes them. Architecture shapes the mind or gives it at least a certain hue, or has at least an effect on general well-being, it also is a statement, representation of social status, ideology you name it. It´s a part of the human condition, architecture is cultural symbols and works of art, from the Cave to the Taj Mahal and back. But here we consider our intervention more like a change of system than a changing of what is build.

Q4. 동아리방을 다녀온 후의 제일 먼저 드는 생각을 표현해주세요.
(텍스트, 드로잉, 인용, 어떤 노래....)
 Our 1st visit left an impression of feasibility and the wish to realize this project. Changing the microcosm of somebody else is much easier for an outsider than for somebody who is part of the microcosm, due to the fact that the person has a lot of blind spots and bad habits.

Q5. <세상을 바꾸는 드로잉_다섯개의 >프로젝트의 과정을 담아 출판물을 기획해,
보다 많은 사람들과 내용을 공유하고자 합니다.
출판 일정은 전에 보내드린 프로젝트의 일정과 동행하려고 합니다.
5 방을 바꾸는 전체 기획은 테이크아웃드로잉이 진행하지만, 방을 변화시키는 과정과 방법은 작가자율로 선택할 있습니다.
방의 현재의 모습과 다른 공사 후의 완성이미지는 나오겠지만, 저희팀은 과정을 담는데 관심이 많습니다.
하나의 방의 역사, 현재의 상태, 문제들, 작업 진행과정, 그리고 작가분의 생각의 전개과정(머리 속의 상상)
지면에서 공유할  있는 가장 좋은 방법은 무엇일까요
 방법을 선생님의 방식으로 정하셔서 알려주세요.
 A down to earth approach for representing the process of changing the Space of Zebra is the "before/during/after" method, as it shows the way things disappear, and reappear clearly. As for the representation of the method we used: it´s simplifying the infrastructure of the Zebra space, by rearranging the functionality of the space, throwing away unused items with no potential, renovating the substance and installing basic interfaces. The general problem in multi-purpose spaces is that they tend to be messy as the purposes overlap, like storage and music rehearsal, cooking and relaxation, studying and conversation.

Floorplans by Zebra
Seoul National University

July 2012


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