Nayoungim & Gregory Maass: Reprospective

Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
22 May - 30 June 2019

Nayoungim (Korean, b. 1966) and Gregory Maass (German, b. 1967) first crossed paths in 1991 while students at École national supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Since 2004 they have collaborated as an artist duo, developing an oeuvre characterized by unexpected juxtapositions of ready-made objects in often satirical works of sculpture, installation and painting. Their work encourages viewers to critically reconsider contemporary pop culture, shining a humorous light on aspects of everyday life and perceptions of reality.
This survey exhibition presents previously displayed artworks in their original state as well as pieces reproduced for the occasion. Divided into sections titled “no-ego ego trip,” “Romance deficiency disorder,” “POSWID (Purpose OF a System is What It Does),” and “Beauty of being numb,” the exhibition resists typical chronological or thematic organization structures, instead grouping works within each section to offer holistic perspectives on the duo’s conceptual practice.
An artist-led tour of the exhibition will be offered at 2pm on Saturday, 1 June 2019. Artist talks will be held at 2 pm on Saturday, 8 June (Nayoungim with curator Ahn Soyeon) and 2pm on Saturday, 15 June (Gregory Maass with scholar Lee Youngjoon).

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