You can break eggs without making an omelette_Calligraphy

The title:  "you can break eggs without making an omelette" is a mise en question of methodology. Exploiting an idea of ambition and ensuing success, whatever one defines as such.

Recalling the "the early worm catches the bird" title. The title as an independent artwork uses the same figurative paronomasia. (Back than we were already working with a calligraphy at the center of the show.)
(Thick and unsensitive mother of pearl and cheesy and unsensitive calligraphy similar genre of korean civilisation very close to lettering, language, expression, culmination of language, national treasure.)

Very generally speaking: We will use following methods
- transplantation 이식, autografting 자가이식
- Frankensteining

- joining 연결, separating 분리,  overlapping 중복하기, 
  entangling 얽히게[걸리게]하기
- defacing  흠을 내다

 We will use 
- abstraction  관념, 추상적 개념
- adaptation 각색
- analogy 비유
- correlation 상관관계
- plagiarism 표절 (less so)

 to transfer into another domain of abstraction and knowledge.

July 2018

Aug. -Sep. 2018


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