On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Artists Club Coffre Fort, we are expanding our exhibition space from the vault to the exterior corridor calling it Artists Club Corridor. Next to the uncovered 19th century fresco opposite the ACCF entrance inside the house on Rue du Houblon 63 we will display printed matter from our 23 exhibitions thus far. A continuous wall project physically connecting cultural program of ACCF with other public and private activities inside the building following the residency’s central idea of self-documenting its histories.

SEP 7th 2017 (5 - 12 PM), Brussels

Participating artists:
Barbara Pereyra & Filip Van Dingenen
Robert Wilhite
Matthieu Manche
Ella De Burca
Kurt Ryslavy
James Beckett
Yves Grenet
Christophe Terlinden
Sadaharu Horio + KUKI
Artists Club + Panza
Ivan Moudov
Damien De Lepeleire
Jonas Locht
Nayoungim & Gregory Maass
Alban Muja
Mòsso with Julien Dègan, Olivia Degrez, Roberta Gigante, Prince Soha
D.D. Trans
Entité Raspail
Matthieu Manche & Michael White
Claudia Radulescu
Frédéric Bernier

The opening of Artists Club Corridor will be accompanied by DRUUM day of open doors. The contemporary bed & breakfast situated above our Artists Club Coffre Fort was designed by different artist and an art collective formerly situated in the building. All doors to artworks / rooms will be open for the day with artists guided tours of their former ateliers.


The event is part of the Brussels Gallery weekend 2017

Exhibition project Artists Club Coffre Fort occupies a quite spectacular space: the vault of a former jeweller in the center of Brussels. On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, it’s now expanding its exhibition space to the exterior corridor. Next to the uncovered 19th century fresco opposite the ACCF entrance inside the house on Rue du Houblon 63, the creative minds behind it all will display printed matter from the 23 past exhibitions. With works by Jonas LochtElla De BurcaRobert Wilhite, and many others. By the way: the Bed & Breakfast situated above the art space was designed by artists as well, and it’s open to the public on the day of the opening.

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