Festival Bo:m 2012

Description:The Festival Bo:m is an international festival of performing arts and visual arts that is multi-cultural as well as multi-genre. It takes place in Korea every spring, featuring both Korean and international artists. This leaflet was published in conjunction with the festival in 2012 and includes a list of participating artists and a programme schedule. 
:PARK Chankyong(박찬경)KIM Jisun(김지선)LEE Youngjune(이영준)(Group) Nayoungim & Gregory Maass(김나영 & 그레고리 마스)HYUN Seewon(현시원)(Group) ChimPom(Chim↑Pom)Pijin NEJISUH Yeongran(서영란)HONG Sungmin(홍성민)CHANG Hyunjoon(장현준)NAM Hwayeon(남화연)Tetsuya UMEDA(梅田哲也)KIM Namsoo(김남수)SEO Hyunsuk(서현석)
Organiser/s:Festival Bo:m 
Venue/s:Various public spaces, South Korea
Year of Publication:2012


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