Tale of Three Kitties, 2008

Detail, door, acrylic on canvas 
Sep. 2008
Medium: Wooden door, acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 94.488 x 35.433 x 1.574 inches (240 x 90 x 4 cm)

This work made of the assemblage of tacky kitten painting, cats have become since then an obiquious reason for delight, not to speak of paintings of beards which could win any competition and a german Gründeruzeit door, which were lovingly restored. The work was inspired by youngster´s locker door, which is often decorated by images of horses and suchlike. Analytically written we as so often in our work assembled subjects on one level and themes on a methodological level in parallel. This is a perfect example of our application of Frankensteining methods, roughly written: in this case transplanting things weakly described by useless genres terms: object art (engl.), objet-trouvé, and painting, into an interdependent group.

Exhibition History: Auto-Focus, Solo show @ Gallery Shilla in Daegu, 2008

Publications: It’s nice to be nice, try it! , monography, published by Caustic Window in Seoul, 2009

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