no-ego ego trip Gregory Maass & Nayoungim

no-ego ego trip
6 September–4 October 2014
PREVIEW Saturday 30 August 3-6pm

split/fountain: 3C/23 Dundonald Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
Open Saturday 12–4pm or by appointment

split/fountain is pleased to present a new installation by artist duo Gregory Maass & Nayoungim (Germany/South-Korea). Exploring issues of adaptation, normality, perversion, and methodology, their work is inspired by diverse sources including; philosophy, psychoanalysis, cybernetics, economy, fringe science, science fiction, comic books, food, sub-culture, and conspiracy theory. For the installation at split/fountain the artists have developed costumes and accessories for an idiosyncratic collection of puppets from the 70s and 80s. "We have transformed vintage action figures into trendless, ageless, zeitgeistless, typeless, genderless, but glamorous beings. These figures do not tend to the impossible or divine or absurdly beautiful or ubiquitous, but rather towards an absolute state of completeness." GSM&N

The installations and drawings of Gregory Maass and Nayoungim ... form a seismic zone, riddled with ravines and fissures, eminently unstable cityscapes of found objects, catchy remarks, dumb puns, cartoons, gleefully deliberate ugliness, blunt parody. To the untrained eye, there is very little to keep the whole shebang from falling in over your head, leaving only rubbish. But the installations give the appearance of knowing that you've seen as many bad television shows as they have, and as many commercials, and as many films, and you know that they know, and they know that you know that they know. And they appear to know, and secretly build on a good deal of, say, Neo-Dada and Fluxus and Pop Art, and they have zapped from Concept to Minimal and back, and all that has taught them to keep their formlessness apart from their meaninglessness, making sure that the chasm between the dumb and the ugly is widening, that the real is only suggested, and that your curiosity is getting involvedSytze Steenstra in Conceptual Cartoons in Suggestion City


Art + Matter and Kim Kim Gallery 
An artist talk by Gregory Maass & Nayoungim
6pm Wednesday 27 August at AUT University WG403 
(the new AUT building on Governor Fitzroy Place)
Gregory Maass & Nayoungim's talk will follow the opening of DeSporting at St Paul Street Gallery Three (4.30–6.00pm), a UFO Kim Kim Gallery Project produced by the artists with students from AUT University. 

Based in Seoul, Gregory Maass & Nayoungim work collaboratively as artists, writers, and gallerists. They are the founders of Kim Kim Gallery which describes itself as "a non-profit organization, locative art, an art dealership based on unconventional marketing, a curatorial approach, an exhibition design firm, and editor of rare art books". Maass & Nayoungim's work has been exhibited in South Korea, Japan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Norway, the UK and Canada.

3C/23 Dundonald Street
Eden Terrace

Open Saturday 12–4pm or by appointment

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