Mondrian and his Studios

Reconstruction of 26 rue du Depart, 75015 Paris 
based on 1926 Photo by Paul Delbo

Mondrian moved to Paris in 1912. 
For most of those years he lived and worked in the studio 
at 26, Rue du Départ in the Montparnasse district. 
His studio was more for him than just a place to live and work. 
He used the space to highlight his views about the relationship between painting and architecture according to the rules of Neo-plasticism. From the 1920s, Mondrian covered the walls of his studio with painted rectangles, in accor- dance with the principles of Neo-plasticism. In this way he aimed to clarify one point: in his view, the combination of painting and architecture in accordance with the princi- ples of Neo-plasticism could exclusively be achieved in a space designed by the painter himself. A number of his abstract paintings hang on the wall de- signed in this way. At the entrance there are three mirrors, and opposite there is a large black painter’s easel. Mondrian did not use this easel, he usually painted on the table or on the ground. The painter’s easel was part of the artwork as a whole which was his studio: the painting standing on the easel corresponded to the wall he had created through the three mirrors.

© 2014 STAM, Research and Production: Frans Postma Delft-NL. Photo: Fas Keuzenkamp
© 2014 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust c/o HCR International

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