Dusty Doll

1974 Kenner Dusty doll, 11 1/2" tall, her black friend is same size Skye.  
Dusty is marked: GMFGI 1974has long platinum hair, tanned skin tone, wrists that rotate, she originally came in a pale blue sport swimsuit with her daisy logo appliqué, which is her favorite flower.

Dusty has been called one of the ugliest fashion dolls ever made. While this may be unfair, it’s safe to say that she is not a “girly” doll. Her niche was that she was an active sports-minded girl, busy with tennis, golf, skiing, swimming and other fun activities. Dusty has platinum blonde hair in a shag cut, a tan complexion and a big smile. She is 11.5″ tall and jointed at the waist. Most dolls have bendable arms and jointed wrists, but there were some dolls made with straight arms. These were sold for $1.99 with the trade-in of any old doll. Dusty had separate outfits available for many different sports. She also had a black friend named Skye. While Dusty and Skye are the same height as Mattel’s Barbie, they have a stockier build, and Barbie’s clothes will not fit them.

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