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Nayoungim And Gregory Maass - Unfucking Real. Works 2009-2012
Nayoungim And Gregory Maass 2012 
ISBN 9788994027272 Acqn 22510
Pb 21x30cm 248pp 375ills 300col

The artist couple of Nayoungim and Gregory Maass are known for producing a broad spectrum of 
conglomerates of contradictions in their work, which primarily entails objects and groups of 
objects arranged in such a way as to promulgate ambivalences, playing upon the ability of the
observer to adapt and subverting the functional structures of the art world itself. This substantial
monograph explores the artists’ prolific exhibition activity, and features special segments focused
on the display of their artworks in a number of locations, in addition to several stand-alone series
of works. Included are critical analyses of their work by Clemens Kruemmel, Claudia Pestana and Sumi Kang.

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