Starting from the idea of comparing (back) then and (right) now, 
1994 and 2014, two different styles and ways of life. 
Thinking about what staid the same and what is different. 
The fantasy and reality. 
The imaginary and the real. The experience and its decay. 
The timelessness and the moving into the future, endlessly.
Keeping in mind the brand´s name we extensively meandered about longer titles and catchphrases and puns, which we spare you from.
Finally we decided on a real challenge, to invent a very minimal title, something repeating itself, not actually describing a theme while keeping a double or triple entendre.  
This resulted into: IM & IM
Which is the abstracted title/theme we were looking for.
Firstly separating the word  IM---perial, and turning it into I´m (IM). 
Not just being an affirmation of life but also displaying the multiple states we are in at any given point in time. 
(Leaning on the Cartesian “I think - I am”, as most fundamental conclusion and proof of existence of oneself.) 

“IM” equals through the shape of the font the vertical and the inclined, formally leaving us I a slight doubt that these shapes are actual words after all.

Feb. 2014
Los Angeles

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