Warming up astronaut 1998-1999

This project is a production of a short-film which presents an insight in the everyday life and the surrounding of an astronaut during his stay in a space ship.
 The film starts with a scene in the refectory-cabin which has only a few things in common with a kitchen on earth but possess similar functions and utilities due to its necessity for the physical well-being of astronaut. The interior of this space is excessively designed to the  astronaut’s needs.

 Astronaut awakes. His day starts with the physical exercise on the training-machine destined and designed for this effect. After taking his breakfast he leaves his actual whereabouts to join the everyday’s work.

 In this film I try to analyze methodically the particular relation between the voyager and the peculiar architecture which hermetically encloses the protagonist in an undefined epoch. The character models his habits in relation to the network of demands inflicted upon him by his technocratic environment. Which has the simple goal to create a convenient equilibrium between a physical well-being and a positive mental activity.
The architectural microcosm of the cabin’s interior is well organized despite it’s omnipresent functional complexity.

Technical notes
size: 190x290x330cm
materials: aluminum, wood, plastics, electric installations

size: 44x137x135cm
materials: palstics, barring, steel

Model; Kai Lange
Photo; Kai Lange, Gregory Maass

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