Shut up and talk!

The paradox title is a humorous quote often heard in crime movies at the beginning of an interrogation.

We chose a collection of smaller art objects, which often refer to language, logic, representation.

We chose the artworks under the perspective of

- enemy-friend (paranoia, personality, mental states),
- learning (behaviorism, understanding, systems, flow-charts, transfer, the written word),
- DIY (craftsmanship and theory and practice),
- simplicity over complexity (following the path of least resistance, economical structures).

The set-up of our artworks should be seen as a learning experience.
In this case we transfer the artwork´s components origin into a new self-explanatory art piece, graphic by nature. The graphic, photographic artwork is a transfer back of the 3-dimensional artwork.
It is not a comparison or interpretation but a dissection.
The idea of the pictographs derived from the observation of Fluxus games, R. Filliou´s poetry objects, Maciunas´ graphic works.

April 2013

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