Concepts in rehab

Concepts in rehab
Is an exhibition design reusing the text of the curator Young June Lee concerning science and photography.  Gregory Maass and Nayoungim blacked out many passages on the text and reprinted it on fabric, covering the 4th floor of Daegu Art Factory.

All along the hallway, a gigantic volume of nothingness. 
The end of the hallway consists of  the words “concepts in rehab” written in ordinary industrial fluorescent light tubes. “Concepts in rehab” relate to many things: Phillip K. Dick author of Total Recall, and ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’ 
Also known as ‘Blade Runner’.  
Among many other novels. And his drug use.

It also refers to the relation between photography and philosophical concepts, like truth, cultural sensibility, eroticism, identity, validity etc. and metaphorically projecting them as individuals into a drug abuse rehabilition program: meaning the show.

Sep. 2012

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