Key holders

for St. Paul Street Gallery Show: Curatorial Season
Auckland, New Zealand

Max. Length: 260 mm long, Width: 75 mm
Left Margin: 20 mm
Font: Arial rounded MT bold (bold)

Front: Agreeing with other people´s opinions wholeheartedly
Back: Imitation of other people in wear, manner of speaking & behavior

Key 2:
F: Inability to embrace favorable circumstances
B: Nervousness in the presence of strangers

Key 3:
F: Lack of inner attitude
B: Inability to control one´s voice

Key 4:
F: Awkward gestures
B: Self-consciousness

Key 5:
F: Perfidiousness
B: Nervousness

Key 6:
F: Indecisiveness
B: Weak personality

Key 7:
F: Incomplete memory
B: Awkward gestures

Key 8:
F: Bad posture
B: No eye contact

Key 9:
F: Gaucherie
B: Flattery

Key 10:
F: The tendency to boast with ostensible success
B: Shyness in conversation and encounters with strangers

Key 11:
F: Physical laziness
B: Intellectual laziness

Key 12:
F: Wastefulness
B: Lack of ambition

Key 13:
F: Excessive use of foreign words
B: Wrong use of foreign words

Key 14:
F: Exaggerated self-praise
B: Inferiority complexes

Key 15:
F: Weak personality
B: Baseless suspicion

Key 16:
F: Speaking haltingly
B: Easily impressionable

Key 17:
F: Lack of initiative
B: Lack of charm

Key 18:
F: Insecure behavior pattern
B: Lacking firmness of purpose

Key 19:
F: Inability to admit self-caused faults
B: Attempt to deceive in word and deed

Key 20:
F: Lack of assertiveness
B: Lack of decision-making

Key 21:
F: Habit of answering evasively to direct questions of superiors
B: Despondency at the slightest resistance

Key 22:
F: Fear to express own views
B: Lack of confidence in own ideas

Key 23:
F: Overcompensating present complexes
B: Arousing an appearance of superiority

Mar. 2012

Key 24:
F: Weak sense of judgment
B: Habitually evading problems

Mar. 2012

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