Relationships do not exist

On-going series since 2010
Painted plastic, stone
approx. each 12x12x10cm

is an abstract artwork using human representatives.
We named this series of miniature figures after a famous phrase of the French psychoanalist François Lacan "Sexual relationships do not exist."
These theatrical set-up does not represent a certain situation,
it represents impossible situation, using familiarity.
The persons represent very particular but strange expression, disconnected from
the situation they are in, which is hard to describe. For example:
gesticulating, fleeing, dancing, menacing, screaming, many forms of violence or erotic connotation, power struggle, daring,
the whole palette of the stronger human emotions and activities.
We used real toy action figures and remodeled them into something unspecific and arranged them in an unspecific but not neutral situation.
Let´s call it a level three hand-made-ready-made.
Using prefabricated material, remodeling them, coloring them, and putting them into relation with each other.

 "First we cannibalize them and then they get frankensteined back together."


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