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April 2014

Gregory Maass, born 29 April 1967 in HagenGermany and Nayoungim (sometimes referred to as Kim Nayoung Hangul 김 나영 ) born 13 March 1966 in SeoulSouth-Korea are two artists who work together as a collaborative duo called Gregory Maass & Nayoungim. Gregory Maass & Nayoungim´s work is inspired by quite diverse sources such as philosophypsychoanalysis,[1] cybernetics,[2] cybernetic management, economy, fringe sciencescience fictionart and craft, music, comicsconspiracy theorysub-culture,[3] and food.[4] Their art often examines issues of adaptation,[5] normality,[6] perversion,[7] and methodology.[8]They are the founders of Kim Kim Gallery, which describes itself as "a non-profit organization, locative art, an art dealership based on unconventional marketing, a curatorial approach, an exhibition design firm, and editor, depending on the situation it adapts to; in short, it does not fit the format imposed by the term Gallery."[9][10] One rarely appears in public without the other.

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